Insights Into 2024 – 25 Shipping Contracts Amid Supply Chain Disruptions and Negotiations

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In the midst of the ongoing Red Sea Crisis, which has disrupted transportation through the Suez Canal for over five weeks now, experts like Lars Jensen, a renowned shipping analyst based in Denmark, are closely monitoring developments. Despite the passage of time, the situation in the Red Sea has seen little change, prompting shipping companies to continue adapting by rerouting …

National Supply Chain Office Starts Its Inaugural Meeting for 2024

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In December 2023, the Minister of Transport, the Honorable Pablo Rodriguez, made a significant announcement regarding the enhancement of Canada’s logistics landscape: the establishment of the National Supply Chain Office. Led by Assistant Deputy Minister Robert Dick, this office will be headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This initiative underscores the government’s recognition of the pivotal role that supply chains …

Evaluating LTL Carriers In The Midst of Continued Failed Trucking Companies

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Recent events in the trucking industry, such as the bankruptcy filing of Newsome Trucking and the closure of Yellow despite substantial government funding, highlight the challenges facing trucking companies. With over 75% of Canada’s trade conducted with the USA and a significant portion relying on trucking, it’s crucial to carefully vet your Less Than Truckload (LTL) vendors. LTL shipping, wherein …

Exploring Indonesia’s Economic Growth and Trade Dynamics

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On February 14th, 2024, Indonesians will head to the polls to elect their next president as President Joko Widodo completes his two-term tenure. Under his leadership, Indonesia has emerged as a success story in Southeast Asia. President Widodo’s policies, including export bans that compelled companies to refine resources like nickel domestically, have propelled the nation up the global value chain. …

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Update On the Red Sea Attacks and Their Impact on Shipping (January 15th, 2024)

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The recent spate of attacks on the merchant fleet in the Red Sea continues to impact shipping traffic in the area.  Last Thursday, air strikes on January 11th by US and UK fighter planes on targets in Yemen from where Houthi militants have launched attacks on commercial shipping since early December.  This highlights that this conflict will continue to escalate …

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Concerns Over Freight Rate Increases From Asia to North America and Europe in January 2024 Before Chinese New Year

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Spot freight rates from Asia to North America have surged due to the deteriorating security situation in the Red Sea. Carriers are expected to leverage market uncertainty during January negotiations for 2024–25 service contracts. The attacks on shipping have led vessels to divert around the African Cape of Good Hope, increasing voyage times and costs. Some customers are considering transloading …

Shipping Industry Consolidation? HMM Sales Process Initiated

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Hyundai Shipping Line (HMM) is poised to initiate sales discussions at a potential price point of $3.9 billion. Ocean freight rates have seen sustained decline over the past nine months. In response, some freight companies have pursued mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to maintain their market presence. The top 10 carriers command 85% of the global shipping container market. The top …

Saudi Arabia’s Big Logistics Transformation

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Since the earliest days of human civilization, the region we call the Middle East has served as an important bridge between East and West. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recently unveiled plan to turn Saudi Arabia into a logistics hub by 2030 will continue this legacy. The plan is to build 59 logistics centres, covering 100 million square meters. …

No News from ILWU Canada (Labour Update #5)

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Vancouver and Prince Rupert, BCWe called ILWU Canada this morning, and they say there is no news.  ILWU workers are required to issue 72-hour strike notice, before they go on strike. Today is the earliest they could issue strike notice. ILWU members have already voted in favour of a strike, back on June 10th.

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Severe Drought Causes Panama Canal Delays

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Persistent drought conditions in Central America are responsible for a global logistics challenge. The Panama Canal is vital for trans-Pacific routes. Severe drought has affected water levels in the canal, which are not expected to recover until at least 2028. Insufficient water levels result in congestion and capacity problems that have prompted carriers to explore alternative routes. These alternate routes …