Revitalizing Global Trade Routes

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In a bold move signaling the evolving dynamics of international shipping, the announcement of the Gemini Alliance, set to commence in 2025, marks a significant milestone. This pioneering collaboration between Danish and German shipping lines epitomizes the industry’s ongoing shuffle, akin to a strategic game of musical chairs, promising enhanced service offerings and operational efficiencies across the globe.

ONE/WAN HAI: New Transpacific Service

Amidst this backdrop of change, ONE and WAN HAI are set to launch a groundbreaking Transpacific service, the AP1, by the end of April or early May. This new route, connecting Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and California, is poised to replace Wan Hai’s standalone AA3 service, symbolizing a fresh synergy in the Asia-North America shipping corridor. The joint venture will operate on a 56-day fixed round trip schedule, featuring a fleet of seven vessels – five from Wan Hai Line and two from ONE, as reported by Alpha Liner 2024. With a capacity ranging from approximately 5,500 to 14,000 TEU, this alliance underscores a minimum 12-month commitment to bridging economies across the Pacific.

MSC: Redefining North America-South America Connections

In a parallel stride, MSC is redefining its USA to South America East Coast (SAEC) String 1 loop. By streamlining its port calls—eliminating stops at Port Everglades, Caucedo, Suape, and Colon, while introducing new southbound calls at Freeport (Bahamas) and Cristobal—MSC is set to enhance its service efficiency. This recalibrated route will now encompass a comprehensive network, from New York down to Rio de Janeiro and back, encapsulating the essence of MSC’s strategic refocus on key transatlantic trade lanes.

ZIM: Expanding Horizons in the Americas

ZIM, not to be outdone, is reshaping its Colibri Express service between the U.S. East Coast and the West Coast of South America (WCSA). This revamp introduces the Chilean port of Lirquen into its itinerary, streamlining its operations by omitting Balboa and Buenaventura, alongside a southbound call at Guayaquil. The enhanced route promises a six-week turnaround, leveraging a fleet of six vessels, including the notable 1,717 TEU OPHELIA, which marked the inaugural sailing from Lirquen on February 15th. This strategic adjustment not only extends ZIM’s operational footprint but also reinforces its commitment to serving burgeoning markets in the Americas.

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