Developing a Career in Logistics

Canaan Group is an innovative logistics company with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. We're looking to hire good people who can help us live out our vision, "Delivered as Promised".

Current Open Positions

Sales Account Executive

We need people who can deliver outstanding customer care

The success of our business is built on customer care. We're looking for people who have the ability and heart to take care of our customers well. This means understanding and empathizing with their goals and challenges, and responding with care, diligence, and kindness.

We need people who can deliver innovative solutions

The care we have for our customers pushes us to provide innovative solutions for them. Innovation doesn't always mean flashy. It means that we think outside-the-box and approach each challenge with a "can-do" attitude.

Working with Canaan Group

We are constantly looking for highly motivated and capable candidates for a variety of positions. Canaan Group offers a competitive salary, generous benefits package and enthusiastic workplace environment. We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Here are our company values and principles. Read through them to see if they resonate with you.

Company Values:

  • Leading by Example
  • Inspiring Innovation
  • Achieving Together
  • Customer Satisfaction

Company Principles:

  • Customer Focus: Provide an excellent level of service to both internal and external customers
  • Respect: Demonstrate a genuine appreciation for others by treating everyone with respect and maintaining the highest level of professionalism when working with others
  • Efficiency: Quality in carrying out job responsibilities and notable contribution to Customer and Company's goals
  • Adaptability: Work efficiently and effectively in light of new information, changing situations, and different environments
  • Teamwork: Work effectively within and across departments, collaborating with others to achieve common goals, listening and communicating in a way that respects and supports others
  • Initiative: Take initiative, accept and carry out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments
  • Never Late: Consistently punctual in reporting for duty and completing assignments on time
  • Good Attitude: Positive attitude towards work responsibilities, co-workers and clients

If our values, principles, and commitments resonate with you and you're interested in growing your career with Canaan Group, we'd love to meet with you. Send us your Resume and Cover Letter, along with the name of the position you are applying for by email to: