Our Commitment

"Delivered as Promised" is just the start.

"Delivered as Promised" is the foundation of Canaan Group of companies. From a simple quotation to an in-depth supply chain analysis, we make a commitment to you that your needs will be fulfilled. It is not only good business to deliver on our promises, it’s all about who we are. Our aim is to deliver quality service to you time and time again – on time and on budget. On the occasion there is a mistake made, we will take responsibility and ensure that the issues are solved.

"Delivered as promised" is just the start. Even before your first shipment begins our aim is to get to know your business better. If we know there’s a better way of fulfilling your transportation needs, we’ll let you know. Our commitment is to become your trusted partner in doing whatever we can to help you succeed.

Our Mission 
The Canaan Group of companies are in the business of moving our customers’ cargo from origin to destination efficiently and effectively, being all that they need. Delivering on our promises.

Our Vision
Canaan Group is to provide the best logistics experience to our customers. We will proactively move your goods worldwide.

Our Core Values
Leading by Example
Inspiring and Innovation
Achieving Together
Customer Satisfaction