Land Freight

One-stop shop for handling truck and rail transportation.

Canaan Group has a fleet of over 700 company owned and independent owner operator trucks to deliver product coast to coast within North America. For trucking, rail transportation and a combination of the two, our Land Transportation team works with over 2000 direct truck drivers, partners or suppliers so that we can provide the best service for your needs.

Solutions We Provide

How Land Freight Works

Weights, Dimensions, Commodity
Determining the exact details of the cargo is critical. This will ultimately decide what type of equipment is required to move the cargo at the most cost-effective manner.

Origin and Destination
Most companies are unaware of the compliance with road restrictions, time, and the equipment capacities. Our motto is “Delivered as Promised”. It is our responsibility to anticipate all the possible road blocks and bottle necks.

Required Services
We often have multiple solutions. There is never only one answer to a problem. Part of job is to formulate options for our customers whether it is LTL, FTL, Intermodal, and or combination.

Schedule Timing
“Time is not the main thing, it is the ONLY THING” – Miles Davis. At Canaan Group, scheduling the best time for both the customer and the cargo is critical to success.

What our Customers Appreciate about our Land Freight Services

  • Committed to 98% on-time performance and 99% claim free
  • Qualified and courteous drivers
  • Extensive North American Coverage
  • Financially stable to ensure quality equipment investment
  • Technology driven shipment visibility