Logistics Consulting

Solving problems and improving efficiencies in the supply chain

Clients come to us with challenges in their supply chain that they cannot solve themselves. With over 40 years of logistics experience spread across 15 industries our team can perform a supply chain audit, identify the challenges, and make recommendations for improvement. Our goal and aim is to assist our customers in solving their business logistics challenges.

Solutions We Provide

  • Supply chain and logistics audit
  • Improve on minimizing shipment delays and removing extra waste in the supply chain
  • Introduce and implement state of the art logistics solutions
  • Cost/benefit analysis of owning versus renting transportation and logistics equipment
  • Creating a supply chain strategy for new products or new markets
  • Identifying mergers and acquisitions opportunities with other industry players

How Logistics Consulting Works

1. Discovery
In our initial meeting or meetings, we will discuss the goals you have and the challenges you are facing.

2. Review and Audit Current Supply Chain
Our team completes a supply chain audit to identify reasons for your challenges and opportunities for improvement.

3. Identify Recommendations
Our team presents and identifies our findings and makes practical recommendations for overcoming your challenges and reaching your goals.

4. Verify and Expand
The recommendations are implemented. If it is helpful, our team can verify and expand our logistics services and assist with the implementation.

5. Evaluate
After a designated time, we will evaluate the results and discuss ways to continue making improvements in the future.