Customized Technologies

Creating efficiencies through our Customized Technology Services (CTS)

With the rapid advancement of technology, many leaders are asking how technology can be used in their businesses to improve efficiency. Our team at Canaan Group has benefitted from implementing technologies like an ERP system and online trucking reservation system, which we have customized or built for our own use. We’ve been able to offer our expertise to our clients in providing customized technologies that make their operations simpler, more efficient, and automated.

Our team specializes in customized technologies services (CTS) for logistics and supply chain operations. With over 35 years of experience doing on the ground operations in logistics in 15 industries, all the solutions we provide are practical and effective.

Solutions We Provide

  • Consulting to recommend how technology can be applied to improve efficiencies in your logistics and supply chain operations
  • Selecting the right technology product to use between off the shelf product, 3rd party development, or customized software
  • Research & Development to create innovative solutions that do not yet exist
  • Custom software development

How Our Customized Technologies Service Works

We meet together to develop a clear understanding of the project including the goals, the requirements, the scope, and the timeline

Our team puts together a proposal for you to consider, which includes the project scope, process, timeline, and budget

Our team develops a simple proof-of-concept that you can test and give feedback on

We develop the product

The product is delivered, training is provided, and an implementation plan is developed

Our team maintains the product, keeping it up to date and secure, and making additional changes that your team requests

Vendor Partnerships

Crimson Logic
Cargo Wise
LISA Technologies
Cargo Sense