Demand for shipment by air increasing for tech, perishables and other valuables

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According to WorldACD Market Data, the overall market for air cargo is up 12% year on year, led by a 13% increase in the General Cargo classification that includes perishables, tech, and valuables. E-commerce and disruptions in the container shipping industry are driving the increased consideration of air cargo for imports and exports.

“One factor for this is the strong growth since the start of last autumn in cross-border e-commerce traffic, which often flies in bulk as general cargo rather than within a special product category, as well as the conversion of seafreight to air cargo and sea-air resulting from disruptions since last November to container shipping due to the attacks on vessels in the Red Sea,” WorldACD said.

Within our own services at Canaan Group, we have seen an increase in exports of perishables through Vancouver International Airport and the necessity of considering air cargo options into and out of Canada when devising logistics solutions for clients. To better understand how this trend affects your operations, please contact us at