Ships moving again through Balitmore Port

Ships Moving Again Through Baltimore Port, Four Weeks After Bridge Collapse Halts Traffic

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The Port of Baltimore has initiated a significant recovery operation following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which obstructed maritime traffic for weeks. A newly opened 35-foot deep-water channel allowed the first cargo ships, primarily bulk carriers like the Balsa 94 headed for St. John, Canada, to resume their voyages. Notably, most of the vessels affected by this blockage were bulk ships, including one loaded car carrier, with relatively few container vessels being impacted.

This is an important step in a massive ongoing effort to restore full operational capacity to the port, which is a key hub for processing cars and farm equipment. Thousands of tons of debris from the damaged bridge have blocked the entrance to the harbour, requiring cleanup crews to work around the clock in an attempt mitigate further economic repercussions on local workers and businesses.

Despite the temporary channel allowing some movement, significant challenges remain. The main port channel, capable of handling the largest cargo and cruise ships, is still obstructed by debris, requiring continued intensive salvage operations. This situation is compounded by the closure of the temporary channel for additional cleanup phases, planned until approximately May 10.