A blue and red background with a Canadian maple leaf and the text overlay says "CARM - CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management"

CARM: New Canada Importation System Starting May 2024

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On May 13th, 2024, the CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management) digital system will become the office system of record that importers and other trade chain partners will use to pay import duties and taxes. If you have not registered, please get in touch with sales@canaangroup.ca immediately since there is a potential waiting list for the April 30th, 2024 deadline. …

Three people on a red backdrop sitting on the stage of the TPM 2024 - Transpacific Maritime Conference

Elevating Insights from TPM 2024

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As we navigate through the uncertainties marking the end of the first quarter of 2024, the supply chain landscape presents a myriad of challenges and changes. At the heart of staying ahead in this dynamic environment is the annual Transpacific Maritime (TPM) Conference, a pivotal gathering in March 2024 that drew industry leaders, including the management team from Canaan Group, …

An image of a rail yard like CN rail or CPKC. The rail yard is empty and not busy due to the CN rail and CPKC possible strike or lockout.

How To Prepare In the Event of a Possible Strike or Lockout at CN and CPKC in May 2024

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The union representing nearly 9,300 workers at Canada’s largest rail operators, CN and CPKC, faces a potential work stoppage due to stalled negotiations over working conditions and wage increases. Teamsters Canada, led by François Laporte, accuses both rail companies of wanting to remove essential safety-critical rest provisions from collective agreements, which are crucial for combating crew fatigue and ensuring public …

A woman holding an electric bicycle containing a lithium ion battery. This is a cover photo for an article about importing e-bikes containing lithium ion batteries as dangerous goods in Canada.

Integrating E-Bikes Into Sustainable Transport: Navigating the Lithium Battery Challenge

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In recent years, electric bikes (e-bikes) have surged in popularity, heralded for their potential to offer an eco-friendly and cost-efficient mode of transportation. This surge is backed by various Canadian provinces, which have rolled out incentives and subsidies to make e-bikes more accessible. For instance, British Columbia has introduced income-based rebates on eligible e-bikes from authorized dealers, offering $350 to …