A cargo ship at a port as part of an article about balancing cost and reliability when shipping cargo or freight.

Balancing Cost and Reliability

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Most customers direct much of their focus on cost per TEU, kg, CBM, or other metrics. However, only a few customers focus on the reliability of deliveries as a KPI. The reliability factor introduces some hidden costs, including cash flow management, inventory stock, and delayed payments for the final cargo delivery. Canaan Group continues to track and emphasize costs and …

Mexico Gains Competitive Edge Through Near-Shoring Initiatives

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In a recent Business Insider article, it was reported that Mexico emerged as the leading source of goods imported into the US in 2023, surpassing China for the first time since 2020. This development signals a notable shift in global commerce dynamics amid ongoing tensions between the US and China. While this milestone underscores Mexico’s rising prominence as a trade …