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Update on the ILA (East Coast Union) Negotiations 

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The threat of the first strike along the US East and Gulf Coasts since 1997 still exists as negotiations continue between the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) and carriers. The current contract is set to expire on September 30, with the ILA already indicating, last November, that union members would not work beyond that date should there be no agreement on a new deal.

Opinions are mixed on the actual threat of a strike, with some management sources confident that both sides are eager to come to an agreement and others waiting to see what the union demands for wage increases.

With the Biden administration playing a key role in negotiations with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) in 2023, negotiations with the ILA could be further complicated by presidential politics during an election year.

With transit time for shipments from Asia to the East Coast at 60 days, decisions to divert shipments to avoid a possible strike would have to be made before July 15. Please contact to get support on how best to plan for potential disruptions caused by work stoppages.