Evaluating LTL Carriers In The Midst of Continued Failed Trucking Companies

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Recent events in the trucking industry, such as the bankruptcy filing of Newsome Trucking and the closure of Yellow despite substantial government funding, highlight the challenges facing trucking companies. With over 75% of Canada’s trade conducted with the USA and a significant portion relying on trucking, it’s crucial to carefully vet your Less Than Truckload (LTL) vendors.

LTL shipping, wherein goods share trailer space with other shippers, is popular among retailers and small businesses for its cost efficiency. However, selecting the right LTL carrier involves more than just pricing. Here are some aspects you should consider when searching for the perfect LTL carrier to work with:

Transit Time:

Whether sending or receiving freight, transportation speed is a critical consideration. Be sure to consider stated transit times when selecting an LTL carrier. Long-haul carriers typically require more time for delivery compared to regional carriers. Advanced planning and scheduling help calculate shipping times accurately, minimizing delays and disruptions.

Freight Liability:

While every freight carrier offers a certain level of liability coverage, it may not fully protect the declared value of your cargo in case of damage. It’s advisable to obtain comprehensive freight insurance to safeguard your shipment. Understanding the level of liability coverage is essential for ensuring shipment safety and mitigating potential losses due to external factors.

Accessory Services:

Beware of hidden costs associated with additional services when booking shipments based solely on low rates. If your freight requires special handling, inside delivery, or is destined for limited access areas, inform your logistics provider in advance. This proactive approach not only prevents unexpected charges but also fosters a stronger relationship with the carrier.

At Canaan, we have cultivated enduring relationships and secured agreements with financially stable trucking vendors. We’re here to lend our expertise and support to meet your needs effectively.