Shipping Perishable Goods: Meats, Seafood, Food Items

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Shipping perishables is a critical task that demands careful consideration of various factors to ensure the goods reach customers in top quality. The choice of packaging is paramount, as it affects the freshness and quality of perishable goods and impacts space utilization, liability, and profitability. Within this realm, the Canaan Group excels, offering tailored solutions and leveraging the team’s extensive experience to optimize packaging strategies and transportation methods for perishable shipments.

When it comes to transporting perishables, the mode of transportation is a crucial decision influenced by the nature of the goods and the priority of delivery times. Air freight is often preferred for its speed, which is essential for maintaining high quality and extending the shelf life of perishable products. This mode of transportation is particularly suitable for perishables that need to be delivered quickly to retain freshness and maximize sellability. However, air freight comes with higher costs, making it necessary to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine its viability based on the perishable goods’ required freshness and shelf life.

However, the Canaan Group team also understands the advantages of ocean freight for perishable shipments with longer shelf life. With advancements in refrigerated container technologies and controlled atmospheres, the company harnesses the potential of ocean freight to transport perishables over long distances at competitive rates. Despite potential risks such as port congestion, our dedicated operations team mitigates these challenges through meticulous planning and proactive communication, ensuring a smooth shipping process for its clients.

Canaan Group’s logistics expertise shines through when performing a careful assessment of the goods’ shelf life, the importance of delivery speed, and the potential risks associated with each transportation mode to create an optimized shipping route. Our team also proactively maintains relationships with the top air and ocean shipping lines in order to secure the most competitive pricing for our clients.

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