What to expect during peak air freight season

Dana Hare News

In August, air freight rates remained relatively stable. The Baltic Air Freight Index (BAI00) dropped by 1.8% for the week ending August 28. Southern China experienced a contrasting trend. Robust e-commerce activity drove a 2.2% rise in outbound Hong Kong rates (BAI30) and a 4% increase in Shanghai’s air cargo rates (BAI80).

However, rate fluctuations were evident in other regions. Frankfurt (BAI20) and London (BAI40) declined as outbound Chicago (BAI50) experienced a significant 14.1% month-on-month drop.

This mixed data has led to differing industry opinions. Some anticipate rate increases in the upcoming peak season while others express concerns about weak demand and overcapacity.

As we enter the final quarter of Q4, it’s important to look ahead. What are your air freight needs over the next three months? If you have questions or concerns about rates and availability, consult with us today. We can help you interpret the trends and secure the shipping resources you need… before it’s too late.