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Vietnam: “Factory of the World”?

Dana Hare News

The Vietnamese government is invested in becoming a “factory of the world”, integrating manufacturing and logistics to serve the ASEAN region.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a trade bloc with a population of nearly 700 million people. ASEAN’s rising middle class and significant economic development over the past decade make it an appealing trade partner for the West.

As Vietnam pours $150 billion into a range of logistics upgrades, they hope to usurp Singapore as the region’s top shipment gateway. Vietnam boasts the highest level of internet connectivity in the region, not to mention a business-friendly legislative environment.

Vietnam’s message to Canadian companies is clear: ASEAN is open for business, and Vietnam is the best gateway through which to trade.

Want to learn more about Vietnam’s logistics transformation? Talk to our sales team to learn more about doing business in the ASEAN region.