The Top Agenda for Logistics Companies in 2021 is Resilience

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The Association for Supply Chain Management has found resilience to be the top priority for executives in the supply chain industry for 2021, with digitization also trending as critical.

Operational and strategic resilience is the top priority among executives, reports the SCM, placing a dual emphasis on the ability to bounce back and recover from disruptions, and the ability to bounce forward and adapt to a new normal. 

A resilient supply chain can balance demand and supply, and therefore an important feature is its capability to sense demand shifts at an early stage. This can minimise service and cost impact on customers. This is where the second priority for companies comes in: digitization, which is inextricably linked to supply chain visibility. Companies that invested in improving digital technology 18-24 months ago have been able to leverage those advantages this year, while other companies are scrambling to catch up, placing high emphasis on these improvements in the upcoming year. [1]

[1] Resilience is top of the agenda for supply chain strategy in 2021, The Load Star