Here’s Your Action Plan for the Second Wave

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One of the advantages of facing the second wave of COVID-19 is that this time, we know what to expect, and therefore can be better prepared.

With a second wave mounting just as flu-season hits, employers are bracing for employees taking more time off. Inside Logistics published an article that provides 12 suggestions to help workplaces prepare for the pandemic’s impending second wave. Armed with the experience provided during the initial outbreak it will be easier to anticipate needed actions and pivots as changes come. Good reflection, assessing, coordinating, and planning will help keep things running smoothly. [1]

Coordinating employee groups such as health and safety committees and business continuity teams will be key to maintaining operations. Reviewing previous responses and decisions and assessing their effects will be helpful in identifying what can be done better. Clarifying and implementing new policies now around sick leave and working remotely can help reduce employee stress and anxiety. Focusing on the overall health and wellbeing of your employees, and understanding their covid-related stressors outside of the workplace, will go a long way in helping navigate the challenges ahead.

Most teams really pulled together to survive the first wave, and with intentionality we can do it even better this second time around. 

[1] Safety First: The Second Wave of COVID-19, Inside Logistics