Ro/Ro Vs. Container Shipping for Vehicles

Dana Hare Resources

How do cars from Europe and Asia come to North America?

On a ship, of course! Many vehicles get shipped via ocean freight on what we call a Ro/Ro vessel. Ro/Ro vessels are “Roll on, Roll off” ships designed specifically for transporting wheeled vehicles. These vessels feature ramps, specialized securing mechanisms, and other features to accommodate large-scale vehicle transport.

Large companies like Toyota, Mercedes, and BMW may move hundreds or even thousands of cars each month via ocean freight, dealing directly with Ro/Ro carriers. What about smaller vehicle shipments? For many shipments, securing a spot on a Ro/Ro vessel isn’t feasible. As a result, there’s been an increase in shipping cars via container.

Canaan Group specializes in vehicle importing and exporting via container shipment. If you’re looking to ship a vehicle internationally, get in touch with our team for expert support.