The Port of Vancouver’s Podcast

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Did you know that the Port of Vancouver has a podcast? Breaking Bottlenecks just finished Season 2 which includes 5 episodes that explore bottlenecks in global trade and supply chain logistics. The podcast looks at “the intricacies, infrastructure and innovations that connect Canada’s businesses and communities with the world, as seen through the inner workings of the Port of Vancouver.”

Season two includes these episodes:

  • Episode 1: The Stress Test
  • Episode 2: Contained
  • Episode 3: Building trust through transparency: Collaboration and visibility in the supply chain
  • Episode 4: Becalmed: How the cruise industry battled back from COVID
  • Episode 5: The Ultimate Bottleneck: Climate Change

To listen to the podcast, go to:

1. Breaking Bottlenecks, The Port of Vancouver website, Accessed Dec 19, 2022.