Report Gives 21 Recommendations to Improve Canada’s Supply Chain

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Major supply chain disruptions in the last two years prompted the appointment of the National Supply Chain Task Force, who’s mandate was to provide independent advice to the Minister of Transport on how to ensure that Canada’s supply chain is resilient and fluid.

Their final report came out this month and provides 21 recommended actions by the group, following consultations and engagements in Canada and in the US, Canada’s biggest trading partner. The report states that to position Canada as a strong competitor in the global market and to strengthen our economy, it is pertinent that Canada’s government partners with industry stakeholders to address the supply chain crisis.

The recommendations include that the government and private sector stakeholders collaborate on a national plan to build digital data hubs to improve understanding on the intricacies of how the transportation network works. This data will improve planning and real-time decision making. Another recommendation was that Canada’s regulatory framework needs to be modernized to meet the future needs of a transportation system that continues to evolve.

You can read the final report here:

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