Big Changes for the Last-Mile Delivery Business

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With e-commerce driving demand, the final-mile delivery landscape is shifting and enlarging, with companies such as Amazon and grocery stores relying more on other logistics forwarding partners for residential delivery. 

There is no question that e-commerce is on the rise. Amazon alone reported a 26% increase in first-quarter sales, with customers wanting home delivery more often for local purchases such as groceries as well. 

The demand has driven changes across the logistics business landscape, from strategic resource planning, to changes implemented for the protection of workers. Alongside increasing cleaning, PPE distribution, and space for social distancing, the shift has also driven the faster adoption of new technology. Delivery notifications via text message, the suspension of signing requirements, and paperless processes such as digital bills of lading all reduce the amount of paperwork changing hands. 

With the increase in shipments from e-commerce expected to continue, Canaan Group has been working alongside companies who supply to Amazon to better utilize our warehouse for last-mile service.

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