LA-LB Port Flow Improves, but Congestion Persists

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The situation at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has improved in recent weeks. The ports have been able to reduce vessel backlog from its peak of 109 on January 9th to 74 on February 16th. Part of this success is due to an increase of labour availability and progress clearing out empty containers from docks that were clogging up operations. Since October, carriers have sent over 75 “sweeper ships” who solely carried empty containers to Asia.1

Here’s a snapshot of how major North American Ports are doing, showing the number of ships waiting at anchor as of Feb 17, 2022:2

  • Charleston: 27
  • Los Angeles / Long Beach: 75
  • New York/NJ: 6
  • Norfolk: 10
  • Oakland: 5
  • Savannah: 4
  • SEA/TAC: 10
  • Vancouver: 6

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