High Levels of Cargo Rolling for Imports

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Cargo rollover is at an all time high while demand for shipments from China to the US continues to increase. 

Driven by a sharp increase in Chinese imports to the US, high levels of cargo rollover at Asian transshipment hubs is expected to continue. Ports in southern California have been overwhelmed by the influx of shipments while coronavirus has reduced personnel and caused equipment shortages, causing delays that push disruptions back to hubs in the east. As much as 30% of cargo is not shipping out on its scheduled vessel. [1]

Carriers have been able to make slight improvements to their rate of rollover since September, but recovery of good schedule performance will be slow while demand continues to increase. Cargo rates are increasing while service quality is in decline, causing frustration for shippers. 

Ocean container shipments continue to be a main focus for many of our customers. Our team is available to help you explore all of your options for imports.

[1] High level of cargo rolling prevails at Asian hubs, Journal of Commerce