The Government Mandate for ELDs Takes Effect June 2021

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Electronic logging devices (ELDs) will be mandatory for most Canadian motor carriers as of June 2021. 

The federal mandate for ELDs in Canada will take effect June 12, 2021. The rules are similar to the ones the US put into place in 2017. One difference is that the Canadian mandate will require third-party certification of the devices rather than allowing manufacturers of the devices to “self-certify” regulatory compliance. [1]

Transport Canada says it is “committed to aligning with vehicle regulations in the United States to the fullest extent possible,” and is not expecting much pushback from truckers since most drivers already operate with ELDs.

Note that this is a federal regulation and that provincial rules are yet to be determined. Canaan Group is monitoring the progress of these changes. Our trucks have already been retrofitted with both GPS and Telematics, and we will be ready for any other requirements that may come up.

[1] Canada publishes federal ELD mandate, effective June 2021, Land Line