Logistics News (February 2021)

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Each month we will publish highlights from the important articles we’re reading about shipping and logistics. This month’s articles include the need for better accuracy in shipping forecasts, electronic manifest requirements, real-time cargo visibility platform, ELD implementation, Canaan Group being named a BC Finalist for Canada’s Best Managed Companies, and forwarders expanding charter flights to increase capacity.

The Key to Shipping Success in 2021 Lies in Better Accuracy in Shipping Forecasts and Relationships with Forwarders

The majority of importers and exporters are struggling to get enough container space and equipment. This challenge will continue until September 2021. This shifts control to shipping carriers, who are prioritizing shippers with more accurate forecasts.1

Many shippers are discovering that their traditional relationships with 1 or 2 ocean liners is not working. If they do not get the space they need, they are left without any alternatives. Shippers are discovering that building relationships with forwarders like Canaan have proven beneficial by giving them more options, which improves booking reliability, lead times, and rolling ratios.

Electronic Manifests Required for all Canadian Imports starting Jan 4, 2021

On January 4th, electronic manifests (often called E-Manifests), must be completed for all cargo destined for Canada. E-Manifests ensure a paperless process and establishes advance electronic information for all modes of transportation. This replaces ACI filings, which are now only needed when goods are travelling through Canada to another country like the U.S.

Non-compliance will result in Do Not Load messages and cargo delays. CBSA have been issuing non-compliance notices since January 4th, and will apply penalties starting July 1st to give businesses enough time to adapt to the new requirement. We are discovering that many shippers are still unaware of this new rule. Contact us for assistance with this transition.2

Please note that the information provided may change with updated legislation and regulations. Readers are advised to always seek professional advice regarding their E-Manifests.

Canaan Piloting Real-Time Cargo Visibility Platform

For many years, tracking and tracing has been an important part of logistics. But these only showed a select number of locations on route, like a port or warehouse. With COVID-19 and increasing retail demands, Canaan Group has partnered with an IT vendor to provide real-time visibility to shippers.

We are currently piloting this real-time visibility platform with 10 of our customers. At any time, they can know exactly where their cargo is, whether it’s on an airplane in the sky above a specific location in the Pacific Ocean or in a container on an ocean carrier. We can also track the real-time condition of the shipment, like humidity, temperature, pressure, and shock.

Food importers and shippers of high-end products are finding this service valuable. They can set customized alerts, reporting, and in-depth analysis. This data allows them to eliminate surprises in their supply chain and find out about problems before they become problems. Contact us if you’re interested in trying our new real-time cargo visibility platform.

ELD Implementation for Trucks begins June 12, 2021

All federally regulated carriers that are required to keep paper logs must transition to ELDs (electronic logging devices) by June 12, 2021. The hardware and software used must be tested and certified by a third-party certification body accredited by the Ministry of Transport.3 The timeline for provincially regulated carriers to transition to ELDs is expected to be in 2022.4

Canaan Group mainly has provincially regulated trucks. Although we have not been regulated to use ELDs yet, we started implementing a new paperless dispatching system in recently months to prepare in advance for the upcoming changes. This dispatching system allows us to optimize operations, track driver location in real-time, and continue to offer excellent service to our customers.

Forwarders Expanding Chartered Flights to Increase Capacity for Customers

Air cargo rates continue to soar with no sign of easing in sight. Heading into the Chinese New Year holidays that start on Feb 12 this year, average spot rates from Shanghai to North America and Europe have jumped sharply.5

With limited capacity, Canaan Group has been looking at all solutions. With air cargo rates being so high, the option for chartering our own flights is the best option for some of our shippers. Recently we have facilitated chartered flights for our customers that are transporting live animals, perishable products, and pharmaceuticals to and from Canada.

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