Economic Activity Remains Strong in Canada’s Resilient Ports

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Canadian Sailing Magazine reports improvements and new developments in BC and Ontario’s ports, strengthening the supply chain and displaying optimism for future trade.

Continued investment in the Port of Vancouver infrastructure, including $300 million in funding from the Canadian Government, signals the expectation of long-term growth in import and export cargo volumes, regardless of recent disruptions to global trade. [1]

In Ontario, the Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority is working with Max Aicher North America in future development of their property along Hamilton’s bayfront industrial area. The development will include a variety of services to fully take advantage of the property’s access to marine, rail and road transportation, and ensure Canada’s industrial supply chain remains responsive, robust, and reliable. [2]

[1] Robust investment in gateway and terminal infrastructure signals confidence in the Port of Vancouver, Canadian Sailings
[2] Max Aicher North America and HOPA Ports join forces to bring new business activity to Hamilton’s working waterfront, Canadian Sailings