Companies Digital Resiliency Strengthened Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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The majority of Canadian businesses feel well-prepared to survive the second wave, especially with new technology in place to help them succeed.

In late October, Microsoft published the findings of a recent survey about confidence among business leaders. Key findings of their research indicate that most Canadian businesses are faring well now that the initial shock of the pandemic is over. Furthermore, having endured the emergency, most now feel better prepared for future crises. [1]

However, more than 50% of companies surveyed have changed how they interact with and serve their customers. Digital resilience has proven more important than ever, with in-person meetings being one of the biggest casualties during these times of change. Almost half of the business leaders consulted thought that these changes were long overdue and that the pandemic acted as a catalyst to speed up the adoption process of new technology, which they view as a good thing.

At Canaan Group, we continue to learn from others and test innovative ways of connecting. 

[1] Majority of Canadian business leaders feel better prepared for future crises like COVID-19, according to Microsoft Canada research, Microsoft News Centre Canada