CP Strike Starts but Government wants Quick Resolution

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CP Rail shut down their operations in Canada on Sunday, March 20th, after 3,000 CP workers started picketing. The work stoppage comes at a terrible time for Canadians who are facing the negative impacts of the pandemic, record-high inflation, supply-chain congestion, and the war in Ukraine. Federal representatives want CP Rail and the union to reach a deal to end the work stoppage immediately.

CP Rail and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference started negotiating last September, with the main issues being wages, pensions, and working conditions. With the sides far apart, employees voted 97% in favour for a strike on March 3. Federal mediators participated in negotiations starting March 11. But there is no resolution yet.

Speaking to some of our management contacts at CP Rail, it looks like the Canadian government will step in to resolve this quickly, possibly resorting to back to work legislation. We will continue to update you on new developments.

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