CP Rail Line Resumes Following Wildfires

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The CP rail line that was shut down because of the B.C. interior wildfires is now operational. The backlog of trains is now being processed.

A wildfire devastated the village of Lytton, BC and surrounding areas on last Wednesday, June 30th due to extremely dry conditions and a brisk wind. Services for both CP and CN rail were halted by the fire, disrupting transportation services for the movement of goods across Western Canada for the past 7 days.1

The CN rail line that was impacted is not operational yet. CN is detouring limited traffic, collaborating with CN on alternative routings to decongest the rail network. 

The Port of Vancouver sent an update today saying, “Demand for large vessel anchorages continues to exceed capacity. All anchorage class assignments are experiencing heightened demand. Vessel operators are slow steaming to delay arrival in Vancouver.”2

Export cargo that is being transported through interior BC to the coast will be delayed, and it will take a while for the backlog to be cleared.

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