Are We Prepared for the Challenges of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution?

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The US company COVAXX has secured end-to-end supply chain management in preparation of shipping 1 billion doses of its vaccine around the globe in 2021. 

With multiple vaccines now in development, preparations for smooth distribution are the next big hurdle. Clinical trials of COVAXX’s UB-612 vaccine are already underway in Taiwan and the company announced this week that it has pre-commitments for 100 million doses around the world. They expect to ship 100 million doses early in 2021, and 1 billion doses by the end of that year. [1]

Many shipping lines are adding reefer containers in expectation of the need for temperature-controlled capacity of the vaccines. [2]

The shipping of vaccines will require an intense, specialized effort by the shipping and logistics industry, which is already facing unprecedented challenges. One concern is distribution to areas of the world that have great need and little infrastructure. Pharmaceutical companies are looking to secure partnerships now that will be able to distribute their vaccines safely around the globe.

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