Canada Preparing Logistics Now for 2021 Vaccine Rollout

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Canada has secured access to 20 million doses of the vaccine, and, in order to expedite the distribution process, has already issued a contract tender for a national shipping plan.

The FDA will meet December 10th to decide on whether to approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the most promising of 3 currently being tested by Health Canada. Canada has secured access to 20 million of Pfizer’s vaccine, with first shipments expected to arrive in January. The next piece of the puzzle is coordinating the transportation of those vaccines. [1]

Since Canada is not in a position to manufacture the vaccine, transport is the biggest priority. But the sheer geographical size of our nation coupled with the reality of an overburdened supply chain guarantees logistical challenges. 

Canada’s military is anticipating heavy involvement in the rollout. Staff overseeing the national stockpile of emergency health supplies has already received enough supplies like needles, alcohol swabs and gauze to administer 25 million doses, and those supplies are being sent out to the provinces now. Work is underway to establish a national operation centre to oversee distribution of the vaccine itself. In terms of distribution, more than 70 companies have expressed interest in the recently issued tender for a national shipping plan, and it will be imperative that those selected work together to ensure a successful rollout.

[1] Canada’s first vaccine approval could come before Christmas, chief health adviser says, CTV News