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Simplifying Shipment Tracking: Canaan Group Global Logistics Tracking System

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With COVID-19 forcing many of us to work from home, tracing shipments has become a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. Thankfully, over the last few months, our in-house software development team has created the Canaan Group Global Logistics Tracking System (CGGTS). This system links up with over 90% of the shipping lines around the world, giving you, our customers, real-time tracking of your shipments wherever you may be.

Through the CGGTS, all your shipment information is centralized to one place and you can easily monitor your shipments, stay up-to-date about any delays, and track your containers. When you log in to the CGGTS, you can see basic shipment information as well as container or shipment milestones, such as ETD and ETA. You can also see your container event status as well as download documents such as booking confirmations and house bills of lading.

As global transport experiences disruptions due to COVID-19, delays are occurring more frequently. We at Canaan Group hope that our CGGTS can serve all our customers well by giving you an easier way to keep track of all your shipments. If you do not already have access to our CGGTS, please contact us. We are here for you and we’re in this together.

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