Transportation Buying Trends for 2022

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The Transportation Buying Trends Survey reflects what Canadian shippers expect in freight prices, surcharges, and capacity constraints for 2022. With transportation backlogs, capacity limitations, and the residual effect of COVID-19, this coming year is hard to predict.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

  • Majority of shippers (38%) expect both TL and LTL prices to increase 5+%
  • Shippers are more concerned about 2022 TL capacity, but not at all concerned about 2022 LTL capacity
  • Expectations for air cargo rates in 2022 are varied, some expecting a decrease (5%), some expecting it stay flat (20%), some expecting increases (41%), and some unsure (34%)
  • Capacity concerns from intermodal and rail shippers has increased for 2022, but stayed the same from courier and air shippers
  • 54% of shippers expect trucking to have the highest pricing power in 2022, compared to courier (16%), air (3%), intermodal (3%), and rail (7%)

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