Pharmaceuticals Shipping in Canada

A guide to shipping pharmaceuticals products in Canada.

With 40 years of experience in the shipping industry, Canaan Group has extensive knowledge of everything required to ship pharmaceuticals. Our global offices allow for seamless processing, logistics, and customs clearance so that your shipments arrive safely and quickly, especially in cases where medication is needed urgently. Since medications are time sensitive, 99.9% pharmaceutical shipments are by air freight. The majority of pharmaceutical shipments are imports into Canada.


Canaan Group takes extreme care in documentation and strives to excel at communication and coordination, especially before the shipment departs, so that the shipping itself goes smoothly and successfully. If certain medications need temperature control, we pack them in an insulated box with dry-ice to maintain the required temperature. We also provide data trackers to monitor the temperature inside the shipment and ensure that temperature integrity is kept. If medical personnel require any data on the medications, we have it readily available.

Whether it’s shipping over-the-counter medications, or importing a specific drug required for emergency surgery, Canaan Group has the expertise to ensure that pharmaceutical shipments arrive expediently and safely.


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