Shipping for Government and Defense

A guide to shipping for government and defense projects.

Shipping solutions for government and defense require a unique set of qualities. Due to the nature of the projects, utmost sensitivity and confidentiality must be kept. Pre-planning is essential and it can take 3-5 years to complete a single project. Coordination between local and overseas production teams is also necessary to ensure that things are done correctly and according to government protocols. Canaan Group is well aware of these parameters and is able to meet all of them.

Aerial view of a container ship in the ocean

Canaan Group has many years of experience providing shipping solutions to the Canadian government and government agencies, as well government agencies around the world. We are on the approved vendor list for many Canadian government agencies and are familiar with both import and export projects. Furthermore, we have experience submitting government RFPs (request for proposals), as well as working with government contracts. Because our business values transparency, we have no issues with required security or background checks.

We have experience transporting machinery, equipment, infrastructure, military-related machinery, government defense, hospitals and medical centers. Transport methods we offer include: ocean freight, air freight, trucking, rail, warehousing, project cargo, and custom services.

Canaan Group’s 40-year history, reputation and credibility in the industry, and financial strength means we are well positioned to submit competitive proposals for government work and can help you fulfill all your shipping needs.

Aerial view of containers at a port

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