Shipping Alcoholic Beverages

A guide to exporting and importing alcoholic beverages in Canada.

With 40 years of experience in the shipping industry, Canaan Group has extensive knowledge of everything required to export or import alcoholic beverages. We have the resources and know-how to coordinate shipments with expediency and expertise. Our seasoned staff can help respond to unexpected situations with confidence. We are proud of our services and pleased to help you with your beverage shipping needs, whatever they may be.

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Exporting Alcoholic Beverages

Canaan Group is pleased to provide door-to-door shipping services for the export of alcoholic beverages. Whether you need to ship wine, hard liquor, spirits, or beer, we can help you pick up the product from the originating facility, fill all the proper paperwork, clear customs, and handle the delivery at the destination country. We will consult with the destination office to check for any regulations regarding alcoholic beverages. Since alcoholic beverages are liquids, most often bottled in glass containers, we can help with proper crating and packaging to ensure minimal damage during transportation.

We offer cargo insurance at special rates because of the volume of goods that we ship. We can also arrange for temperature-controlled containers, particularly through the months of May to September, as well as temperature tracking so that you can have peace of mind that the quality of your products is preserved.

Canaan Group has experience in shipping alcoholic beverages to Asia and Europe from many wineries around the Okanagan area in British Columbia, and the Niagara region in Ontario.

Because of the weight of alcoholic beverages, shipping occurs by ocean transport, with the rare exception of samples, which may be flown by air.

Our real-time GPS and data trackers go in with your shipments and ping the satellites every 20 minutes. These trackers measure the temperature, shock, humidity, luminosity (light), and location. If your shipment has been tampered with, the luminosity reading will show that your container door has been opened. Unlike traditional tracking which only shows you certain checkpoints along the shipping process, our real-time GPS allows you to know exactly where your product is and its surrounding environment at any given moment.

Ocean container ship in Hong Kong waters

Importing Alcoholic Beverages to Canada

The import of alcoholic beverages into Canada is stringently controlled by the government and is only available through specifically licensed companies. Canaan Group can help by facilitating import logistics, arrange for ocean freight to bring the products from overseas, and ensure the products are in the right ports. We can also connect you to the proper partners who can handle the products from the port onwards, as well as assist with customs clearance.

Whatever your needs are for transporting alcoholic beverages, Canaan Group is equipped and experienced to do our best in meeting your shipping needs.

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