Job: Sales & Marketing Assistant

Job Description: Sales & Marketing Assistant

Canaan Group is an innovative logistics company with a global reach of over 53 offices worldwide. We consult, liaise and provide logistics solutions for companies to move and transport products throughout the world. The company was started in 1981 in Vancouver. Through hard working, persistence and creativity, Canaan Group has grown constantly to become one of the largest privately owned Canadian logistic company.

We're looking to hire good people who can help us live out our vision, "Delivered as Promised".

Job Description

A sales and marketing assistant supports management through mid-level administrative and creative tasks. As a sales and marketing assistant, your job duties include working on projects focused on optimizing company revenue and customer outreach. You often compile reports from statistical and financial data sources, and you may be called upon to create social media content on behalf of the company or client. Working to support creative teams, you help with the creation of content consistent with the brand and campaign messaging.

Key Responsibilities

Marketing and Social Media Strategy management

  • Evaluate current social media strategy, provide constructive feedback
  • Collaborate with leadership team to develop, implement and manage social media strategy
  • Create, manage and oversee social media content cross pollination
  • Tag and optimize website content for search engine optimization
  • Manage bi-weekly newsletter through Mail Chimp / Survey Monkey and other platforms
  • Monitor analytics and user engagement and suggest content optimization

Social media ad campaigns management

  • Oversee and execute social media ad campaigns
  • Measure the success of social media campaigns
  • Develop new lead generations through software platforms such as and others

Administrative and Sales management

  • Collaborate with sales and management teams with monitoring on inquiries/opportunities with our internal CRM system (CW1)
  • Enter and keep track of all inquiries, opportunities,
  • Send reminders to offices overseas to 3000 offices worldwide
  • Assist manage on weekly and monthly reports for customers
  • Segmentation on 15 different verticals

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Proven ability and knowledge in social media and marketing platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, Google Analytics, and Wordpress
  • Excellent English communication skills both verbal and written
  • Positive attitude, friendly, outgoing personality
  • Detail oriented in order capture all information during transfer from business cards to dictation
  • Willingness to learn and ask questions, and make cold calls
  • Enjoy weekly and daily challenges
  • Entrepreneurial, competitive, self-confident, and self-motivated

Working with Canaan Group

We are constantly looking for highly motivated and capable candidates for a variety of positions. Canaan Group offers a competitive salary, generous benefits package and enthusiastic workplace environment. We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Here are our company values and principles. Read through them to see if they resonate with you.

Reasons to work at Canaan Group:

  • Working with us means working with people who have a passion for achievement, strive for outstanding results and build effective relationships inside and outside our company.
  • Canaan has over four decades of experience in the logistics transportation industry, undertaking our activity with excellence criteria and commitment with our future. We welcome the ideas, innovations and passion that will take us there.
  • We’re committed to our people. We support our staff and contractors through a range of work experiences, training and mentoring to achieve their career and personal goals.
  • New opportunities constantly arise as our business develops and expands, so you can go as far as your talent and imagination can take you.
  • Our culture is based on a collaborative atmosphere and enthusiastic approach to work, there's a strong focus on doing the right things and communicating openly that makes this a great place to work.
  • Smart Casual Work Attire – Suits are required only for meetings with clients! Monday thru Thursday is Business Casual and Friday is Jeans Day!
  • Free Parking – Our Head Office is located in Richmond more specifically at Mitchell Island although no public transport is available there is never a shortage of free parking.
  • Canadian Company – We’re home grown and proud to be Canadian!
  • Be known by your name, not a number!

Company Values:

  • Leading by Example
  • Inspiring Innovation
  • Achieving Together
  • Customer Satisfaction

Company Principles:

  • Customer Focus: Provide an excellent level of service to both internal and external customers
  • Respect: Demonstrate a genuine appreciation for others by treating everyone with respect and maintaining the highest level of professionalism when working with others
  • Efficiency: Quality in carrying out job responsibilities and notable contribution to Customer and Company's goals
  • Adaptability: Work efficiently and effectively in light of new information, changing situations, and different environments
  • Teamwork: Work effectively within and across departments, collaborating with others to achieve common goals, listening and communicating in a way that respects and supports others
  • Initiative: Take initiative, accept and carry out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments
  • Never Late: Consistently punctual in reporting for duty and completing assignments on time
  • Good Attitude: Positive attitude towards work responsibilities, co-workers and clients

Candidate(s) must own vehicle. Public transportation is not available at Mitchell Island.

If our values, principles, and commitments resonate with you and you're interested in growing your career with Canaan Group, we'd love to meet with you. Send us your Resume and Cover Letter, along with the name of the position you are applying for by email to: