Our Global Offices

Tandem Global Logistics

Tandem Global Logistics Canada is a division of Canaan Group of companies. Our global head office is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Spanning over 75 countries and 200 offices in the world, Tandem Global Logistics Canada is the exclusive representative in Canada on behalf of the Tandem Global Logistics Network. Each partner has its own offices and staff in separate areas of the world. They have deep expertise and experience providing transportation and logistics to the local economy. While we specialize in Canada, our other partners specialize in offering transportation and logistics services including USA, Japan, Germany, India, Brazil, Peru, Spain, and other countries around the world.

Tandem Global Logistics Canada does not work with agents. We work only with partners that we have a developed relationship, and where we have mutually vested interests. It is only then, that our customers can rely on our trust and commitment found not only in Canada, but also around the world. Unlike the WCA, whose criteria is not stringent, we work only with partners and offices that follow the same motto, which is "Delivered as Promised".

Tandem Global Logistics Canada hosted the 2018 Tandem Global Logistics Network conference here in Vancouver, Canada, and we were proud to showcase our amazing city to our partners. Here is a highlights video of the 2018 conference.